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At Black Bear, we are proud performance advertising specialists who help blue collar businesses drive more profit by tapping into unrealized potential of their sales funnel, and drive targeted traffic at scale.
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Your Growth Partner.

B2C Ads & B2B Contracts

At Black Bear, we boost your profits by quickly identifying key growth opportunities. After a detailed audit and rapid feedback loops, your custom strategy may include:

Our services
Producing effective creatives
Running high-performing paid ads for new traffic
Securing commercial & industrial deals through outreach
Creating/optimizing sales funnels
Redesigning your website for increased traffic conversion

Case Studies

Entz Property Services

Booked $300,000 worth of jobs with Facebook Ads in the first 60 days

Achieved over 50x ROAS on this campaign

Black Bear managed 100% of the appointment setting, meaning these jobs were booked on auto pilot

The average cost per qualified lead was $42, and the average value of a job was $15,000 for a home reno.

TSAR Sealants & Coatings

Generated $100k worth of sales opportunity in the 1st month with Facebook Ads with minimal ad spend

Achieved 31x ROAS for this campaign

The average cost per qualified lead was $15, and the average value of a job was $3,500 for an epoxy floor.

J&J Painting

Booked $20,000 worth of closed jobs with Facebook Ads in the first month

Achieved a 20x ROAS on this campaign

The average cost per qualified lead was $23, and the average value of a job was $4500 for a painting project.


What Our Clients Say

Owner, Provincial Exteriors
Working with Black Bear has been simple & straightforward. They helped bring on 5 additional big projects for our business over the last month or so, in which I ended up hiring an additional employee to help fulfill them. Appreciate it!
Owner, Entz Property Services
Black Bear has been an invaluable addition to my team. Over the past 30 days they booked me around 20 home renovation consults worth about $300,000 in total, and brought me close to 60k in additional revenue from their leads. There's nobody else I'd trust with my business.
We recently started using Black Bear to advertise for our painting company J&J Painting. They're easy to work with, very responsive when trying to reach them and listen to any of our suggestions and needs. I highly recommend using their services if you would like to grow your business.

Owner, J&J Painting

Our Services

Your partner for all your performance advertising needs

Research and strategy, tracking, creative production, campaign set up, optimization and scaling… We offer turnkey solutions geared to help you scale your business with ads

Research & Strategy

Our firm equips you with knowledge driven by our established methods and exclusive advertising technology.

Funnel Optimization

For optimal results, precise tracking and comprehensive reporting are crucial, along with a landing page designed for maximum conversions.

Creative Production

From direct response copy, to ad creatives & VSLs — we've got the talent to keep your testing pipeline full.

Media Buying

Precision-driven, iterative testing that zeroes in on finding those game-changing angles, propelling your offer to new heights of success.


Partnering with Our Firm

At Black Bear, we strive to ensure not a single dollar from our clients’ budgets goes to waste.
Here are the values and principles we stick to in our work.



We constantly test fresh offers, angles, creatives, and audiences.
Our data-driven approach and quick feedback testing process tell us the tweaks we need to make to your funnel, landing page, campaigns, and creatives - all to make your offer profitable as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Growth Mindset

We value long-term partnerships. It’s common to go through multiple batches of creatives and spend months (and a sizeable budget) on testing before landing on a winning angle.
That’s why we spend the bulk of our time every week creating new hooks, creatives, angles, and tweaks to campaigns until your offer hits its stride.



Our experienced team crafts and tests diverse strategies cost-effectively. Adopt our 'Iterate, Test, Review' approach for assured success.
We utilize minimal ad spend to test what works. Once we find what works, we pour gasoline on the fire and watch your winning ad become a cash printer.



Expect honesty from us at every turn.
We'll guide you towards profitable advertising or steer you away from strategies unlikely to yield results.